the journal deck MISSION

The Journal Deck is a a 52 card deck based on journal prompts that promotes a self care, conscious lifestyle. 


The days of "Dear Diary" aren't so big anymore, but journaling has simply transformed into a new kind of self care, personal growth, and mindfulness tool. 

In today’s technology-driven world, the topics of self Care and mindfulness are essential, and people are turning to journaling and oracle cards as a safe space to process, find guidance, get quiet and create healthy habits to live their best life.

Ever the creative thinker, as I was sitting in my living room, I had the novel thought, "Why not take the healing practice of journaling and fuse it with the inspiring and guiding ritual of pulling cards?" And just like that, the name The Journal Deck came to mind! 


Our goal is to help you build a self care lifestyle with our unique card deck that adds to your existing practice or helps you ease into journaling.

With 52 journal prompts with themes from love, to self care, career, money mindset, and more, you can choose a card as a weekly or monthly ritual. Whatever suits you best! BONUS: We now have the JD Goddess Edition Deck to tune you into your feminine essence!

Who am I? 


Journaling came to me in a time of great need for peace and clarity.

Hi, my name is Alyssa Kuzins, and I'm the creative engine behind this conscious product. As a yoga + meditation teacher and women's coach in Pittsburgh, PA, I believe that all of the trainings, workshops, conversations with clients and girlfriends, heartbreak and healing, all led me to create this product. 

In 2016 my heart was broken after a 10 year relationship ended, but I knew that my soul wasn't, and I set out on a journey to self love and healing, which included yoga, getting outside, meditation + prayer, reconnecting with girlfriends and family, and journaling.

The life coach I hired, Michelle Powell, guided me for 6 months and assigned journal prompts as homework, but it was more like "soulwork." I found these prompts so incredibly healing and enlightening. I discovered more about myself and I went to my journal whenever I needed it. It was my safe zone. I put all the puzzle pieces back together by taking them out of my head and putting them on the page. I remember sitting on a rock in the middle of a stream while at a women's yoga camp by my friend, Randi Lynn Greene, and I just wrote in my journal with the sun shining down on me. I couldn't help but smile for how grateful I was.  I was healing. I healed myself, and journaling was without a doubt a huge part of that.


I believe self care and living your Truth can change the world by changing yours first.
— Founder, Alyssa Kuzins