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Join me in celebrating the season of gratitude with the #spaciousgratitude month long challenge and let's give your gratitude space by giving it a voice

Clck on the pic and screen shot this image to share on Instagram that you’re in on the challenge!

How does it work? Simple. Speak your gratitude out loud everyday this month using what I callGratitude Rants, either alone or with your partner right before bed or in the morning when you wake up. Just ramble about anything you're grateful for.

  • Use the hashtag #spaciousgratitude on Instagram and tag me @alyssakuzins to let me know what you're grateful for that day. That's it. No gimmicks, no opt-in. This is just for you to cultivate deep felt gratitude.

Why speak it vs. writing it? Fair question, especially since I'm the creator of The Journal Deck. Hearing myself speak my gratitude out loud has always managed to have more of a deeper felt impact vs. writing it. You could always speak it out loud and then write it in your journal if you want to document it.

The key? Speak it mindfully from a place of alignment; a place of feeling good. Listen to this week's podcast episode to hear more about the concept of spacious gratitudeand how you may be sabotaging your gratitude practice.