Get a free online yoga class with me once a month!

Every month over at my self-care based company, The Journal Deck, I send out a free full-length yoga class.

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My Yoga Style

Soft, yet fierce. Foundational, yet creative. Graceful, yet strong. Mindful, yet sweaty. Yin and yang. 

Public Class Schedule

-Tuesdays: Lauri Ann West Community Center Vinyasa 7:10-8:10pm 

-Thursdays: Inhale Pgh Vinyasa @ noon AND Lauri Ann West Vinyasa 7:10-8:10pm

Corporate Yoga

I teach corporate yoga in Pittsburgh, PA. Please contact me for information if you would like to bring yoga into your local business on site and we will discuss a program and class type that suits your employee's needs.

Five things yoga has taught me: 1) Honor your body. 2) Let go of things that no longer serve you 3) Breathe. 4) Be present. 5) There is a place between ease and strength.