Who can use this?


Treat yourself.

Gift it to a friend who loves to write.

Gift it to a friend who could use some journaling in their life but doesn't know where to start.

Buy it for a special coaching client.

Use it as inspiration for your coaching calls or client assignments.

Pull one before you teach your yoga class to find inspiration for a theme or sequence. 

For your bridesmaids.

Use it in the classroom. 

The ideas are pull the card that's right for you and then you write for you



You've got 52 cards which are ready-made journal prompts.

Step 1) Tune in and ask a question like, "What do I need to know today?"

Step 2) Pull a card.

Step 3) And now you have yourself a writing exercise that aligns with what's up in your life, day, week, hour...whatever you need to know, you'll pull. And if doesn't feel right? Then you have free will to pick again.

With prompt themes ranging from from love, to self care, career, money, health, spirituality, and more, you can choose a card as a daily, weekly, or monthly ritual during your meditation, your yoga practice, or simply as a way to begin or end your day...whatever you like! 


what's an oracle card deck? And is this one?

An oracle card deck, unlike a tarot card, has less tradition and structure behind it. The amount of cards ranges and sometimes you get a reference book with it, if needed. Sometimes they revolve around a theme or center on specific deities or sources of inspiration like angels, the goddesses, fairies, animals, and more. Pulling oracle cards is not associated with religion, but can be more of a spiritual practice depending on how you decide to use them to connect with yourself and possibly a higher guiding power, whatever you believe in. The Journal Deck doesn't have to be used oracle style, but can be used simply as a card deck, should the user prefer this nomenclature. 

I've heard of cleansing your Deck. How do I do that? 

We like to use sage or palo santo to cleanse a new deck or whenever you feel like the energy of the Deck needs a tune-up. Feel free to say a prayer or set an intention, as well.