live mindfully & find your center.

Hey babe, I have made these two FREE guided visualization meditations with so much love and intention, and I truly hope that you enjoy them just as much as I enjoy creating them for you. 

I personally love to listen to visualizations before bed to calm my mind and set me up for a restful nights sleep, but feel free to use these during whatever time of day suits you, as often as you like, whenever you need to make some space. Just be sure to DOWNLOAD the audios, and they will be yours to keep forever.


Step into abundance & learn to trust

Everyone wants to feel abundant, let's be honest, but getting to that place can be challenging when you feel like the cards are stacked against you or you aren't in the place you'de like to be. But abundance can absolutely be channeled through mindful living and learning to trust in an abundant, supportive Universe that wants you to succeed. This meditation aims to take you to that place. 6 min

Channel your inner "flow state" 

Flow is a natural state, especially for women, while men inhabit more stable energy, in general. Flow means that you are constantly changing and evolving. For women and men, when we learn to step into our flow state and balance it out with the more "masculine" stable, grounded energy, we are able to find ease and trust in our life; we go with the flow and push less, we open ourselves up to abundance. 6 min


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