#21 Universal timing AND DEEP healing

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have all the luck? Why things just happen for them with ease? Well, I think my most recent guest, Kelley Knight aka @modernmystic_tarot, and I would have to agree that it's NOT luck, it's alignment. It's Truth.

Kelley runs a successful "magic" shop in Atlanta, Georgia called Modern Mystic Shop, and I so enjoyed hearing about her swift road to success that includes Usher and Uma Thurman walking into her shop like nbd.

This was my first time speaking with Kelley, but I have to tell you, she really is a Georgia peach! Her words seriously touched me, especially her thoughts on universal timing, and I really think you'll love this episode if you're in the process of healing your body, mind, or spirit, are interested in tarot, or just need to feel a weight lifted off your shoulders (insert everyone).

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  • The swift, synchronistic success of her Modern Mystic Shop
  • Universal timing and releasing control
  • Her journey from spiritual to physical body healing 
  • Healing your family line, blame, and trauma in the body
  • Kundalini Yoga


Learn about Kelley:

Kelley Knight is a natural intuitive and psychic medium who blends depth psychology with tarot to help guide people through life transitions and uncover deep truths about themselves. Her passion lies in transformational work. Through an intensive 5 years of experiential awareness training, she's helped guide groups through profound healing and breakthroughs. 

Through her one-on-one tarot and healing sessions, classes, retreats, and Modern Mystic Shop, Kelley aims to empower each and every person with resources needed to more deeply connect to the powerful truth of the essence of who they are.

Where to find Kelley and her Shop: