Before emailing us, first take a moment and see if any of these FAQs answer your question. If not, shoot us an email and we would be happy to serve you! 

How fast do you typically ship? In 2-4 business days.

What's your shipping method? We use USPS Priority Flat Rate for tracking + insurance and quick delivery. For international orders we use First Class International. 

Do I need to be a seasoned journaler to buy this? Not at all! This product is truly for newbies and seasoned journal folks. Read our ideas list for who this is great for. (P.S. makes an awesome, mindful gift!) 


Where is the product made and is it USA made? The cards are printed locally in Pittsburgh, PA and the handmade pouches are sewn in Chicago, Illinois. 100% MADE IN THE USA. 


Is it eco-friendly? Yes! Statement via Knepper Press Printing: “We have reduced the use of harsh chemicals and replaced them with environmentally friendly green products, such as vegetable-based inks, press wash, fountain solutions, a state of the art recycling program and more.”


How can I connect with the JD Tribe? Easiest way is to follow us on the private Facebook Group the Journal Deck Tribe or on Instagram. 


How do I use this Deck and what's an Oracle Card? Check out our HOW THIS WORKS page.


I've heard of cleansing your Deck. How do I do that? We like to use sage or palo santo to cleanse a new deck or whenever you feel like the energy of the Deck needs a tune-up. Feel free to say a prayer or set an intention, as well.


I own a store or studio, can I wholesale this product? Yes! Check out WHOLESALE.