#72 cultivating spacious gratitude

Bonus November #spaciousgratitude challenge below!

Gratitude. Yes, it might feel like a cliché topic for this time of year, but this chaotic world could always use more people who are emanating with gratitude, and not just any gratitude, spacious gratitude.Gratitude with depth and mindfulness. We will jam on how you can shift into this gratitude mindset and recognize it as a way of BEING and not a way of DOING. How in the hustle and bustle of life, feeling grateful can often be the first thing to fall by the wayside, but using Alyssa’s 3 simple steps; awareness, alignment, then gratitude, you’ll be able to build your gratitude muscle, deepen your capacity to feel gratitude, and catch yourself in a downward spiral. Having a spacious, mindful gratitude mindset is a quintessential tool to living your most aligned life and this week we see it from a deeper lens.


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Questions to ask yourself or journal about:

  • When do I find myself in a downward spiral and gratitude leaving me?

  • What energy shifters can I use to get back to a place of alignment?

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