#71 Witch 101: waking of the modern witch with leslie mcallister

Welcome to the 2018 Halloween episode! As we move out of patriarchal systems, every where you look it seems that there is a rise of folks identifying with witch and spirituality that takes on more of a Pagan tradition. Today’s guest witch, Leslie McAllister, chatted with me about “the waking of the witch.” She is the owner of the metaphysical lifestyle shop, Juju, where she is also the in-house tarot reader.

We begin with a discussion of what is the connection between Halloween and the Pagan holiday, Samhain, and the conversation quickly dives into all things witch. i.e. what does that term mean to her, what’s a spell, how we’re in the midst of the waking of the witch, and even her best advice on where to begin exploring the witch inside of YOU! 


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Questions to ask yourself or journal about:

  • After listening to this episode, do you identity more with witch? What does witch mean to you?

  • How are you positively selfish?

Show Notes/Book Recommendations:

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