#70 Grace: What Does It Mean and How to Channel It

Grace is one of those elusive words that gets tossed around a lot, but what exactly is it? Saving Grace, Grace under fire, God's Grace, Graceful. What does it all boil down to? I think you would get a different definition of Grace from nearly anyone you talked to, and I also think some people would have no idea how to describe it, and I think that's for valid reasons. Grace can feel like an elusive term that describes many things which really is describing one thing. And yet despite it's elusiveness, to be called Graceful or if someone said you exuded Grace, would be such a high compliment. So what is it, how do we fall from it, can we give it to ourselves, and how do we become it? 

Disclaimer: For me, Grace is NOT a religious conversation, but a spiritual. I am by no means advocating a specific religion, and when I say God you can feel free to insert whatever description suits you best; universe, spirit, higher power, goddess etc


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Grace & Space Ritual

HOW-TO VIDEO: two variations included

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Questions to ask yourself or journal about:

  • What does Grace mean to you? What are some life examples for you?

  • Where do you need to ease up and give yourself Grace?

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