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Reiki is the practice of moving and releasing energy for physical, emotional and spiritual blocks to reestablish balance. We hear a lot about Reiki in the woo space, but it’s becoming more and more accepted in the medical sphere to help people heal from cancer patients to surgery, anxiety and more. And folks like Steph Schuler of Rutz skincare, have brought it into the product creation process. Using her skills as a Reiki Master, she believes her products have that extra special ingredient that you can’t see but can feel. 

I had NEVER done Reiki before, I know, shocker, so I was eager to try it out when Steph offered a session! What I experienced was truly fascinating, and I can only describe it as a massage without an actual massage. Wondering what happened? Curious on how to heal physical pain or remove energetic blocks to create your best life with a method that you haven’t tried yet? Tune in! Or if you have done Reiki, Steph’s story and passion behind creating an intentional product is sure to inspire you in and of itself! 


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  • Freeze Frame Nighttime Resurfacer: I notice when I don’t use this that my skin looks less even.

  • Glow Ahead Anti-Aging Serum: I swear that I am glowing from this stuff, and it also helps with acne.

  • In Your Face Facial Mist: This product is perfect for a ‘wake me up’ or when you can’t shower after yoga.

  • Just Breathe Facial Cleanser: I love using this because it smells so earthy, lemony and clean.

  • Peppermint + Lavender Multi-Surface Cleaner: This smells great for hours and is tough on gritty messes.

Questions to ask yourself or journal about:

  • What in your mind, body and/or spirit is most asking for healing right now?

  • Where do you feel blocked in life? Reflect on this.

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