#68 Soulful science: Life's Transitions & Why Uncertainty is So Hard to Deal With

This episode is a part of an experiential new series on understanding the brain to live our best lives: Soulful Science! 

We often hear about rock bottom moments as those with the most life lessons to be had, but what about the times “in between?” The transitions of life. I believe that how we cope with the transitions of life, also says a lot about us individuals. I compare it to a yoga class; I often tell my students that your ability to show grace, strength and control throughout the transition says a lot about the maturity of your practice. The transitional movements are where we see the real “control in the chaos.” I discuss embodying this calm even when life is uncertain and you’re caught in the middle of external chaos.

Part two of this episode is all about the brain. More specifically, how our brains are not really wired for uncertainty. I break it down so you understand, neurologically speaking, why stepping outside the box and uncertainty can feel so darn challenging and what you can do it get better at it!


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Questions to ask yourself or journal about:

  • How do you typically act during transitional times? Do you handle it well, not so well? What are your dominant thoughts?

  • Reflect on a time you attempted to make a big change. What past experiences and the mindsets/neural pathways attached to them were working against you that made this change even harder to stick with and how did you overcome?

  • How do you approach/carry yourself during yoga practice transitions and how may this be mirroring your approach to life transitions?


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