I am a big fan of course correcting. When it feels like a constant uphill battle or you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you ought to change direction, I usually listen to that intuitive voice, not to be confused with Fear. In this conversation, Jenna and I chat about her journey in course-correcting namely when she quit her corporate HR job (she got too good at firing people) to pursue entrepreneurship as a six figure digital nomad following several wake-up calls from the Universe.

Getting out of the story in your head and making life changes is going to cause waves and feel scary, but with the valuable step-by-step tips in this episode, you’re sure to feel more confident in building an “exit strategy” and allowing yourself to experiment with multiple passions as you shift to find your ultimate alignment.

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Questions to ask yourself or journal about:

  • What story are you telling yourself right now that’s holding you back?

  • Chart a timeline of your big life awakenings and special moments. What did they teach you? This may point to your Purpose or life’s message.

  • What would your “exit strategy” look like? What would you need to do?

  • What do you want to experiment with in your career or life?

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Bio: Jenna Faye is a transformational online business coach and strategist for conscious female entrepreneurs. With her Soul Meets Strategy methods and trainings she helps her clients to scale their business in an aligned way to create more impact and income without the burnout or overwhelm. Jenna is a full time digital nomad who travels the globe with her fiance while they run their businesses.  

I was so in my own story that I wasn’t open to the signs until they started knocking me on the head. I knew I had to pivot.
— Jenna Faye

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