fall season 2018

#63 part 1: i'm back! embodying SPACIOUSNESS and what's new for fall

Back in January, I declared on the podcast that this would be the year of spaciousness. I felt like my life was too busy, too full, noisy, and overwhelming. Sound familiar? Despite the fact that I loved my work, I felt suffocated. I went on a mission to have more by doing less. Then in June, I stepped away from the podcast and much of my business to focus on getting married. The decision to pull back and commit to internal space creation led to so many incredible revelations and fresh ideas- all of which I share with you in this two part episode series. 

Part 1 explains what I mean by embodying spaciousness, what I learned from taking time off, and how you too can create space and have more by doing less! Be sure to catch Part 2 where I discuss how all of my revelations has impacted this podcast and my business moving forward + find out how you can work with me 1:1 in my most exciting new offering! 


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