#62 I'm taking a break: space and grace

Sometimes in life we feel the overwhelming urge to blaze forward with passion and enthusiasm for what we’re most excited to pursue next, and other times we get the sense that we need to pull back. This is where I am at right now in my life and business as I prepare to get married next month at the end of July. I’m in a season of life where everything is telling me to pull back, enjoy where I am, and prioritize; especially within the home.

In today’s episode I'm checking in on my word for 2018, spaciousness, and I’m sharing from the heart a decision that’s been on my mind; I’m taking a break from the podcast for one month until August. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about this decision for my biz, but as I explain, I know that it will bring clarity and SPACE for what’s next. It’s easy to think that we ALWAYS have to be in a state of blooming and action, but Nature doesn’t work that way, so neither do we. I invite you to give yourself space and grace if that’s what you need right now or in the future when you feel the call to recharge and pull back.

How can you honor what season of life you are in right now AND make space for what’s coming? 

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Knowing when to pull back and when to blaze forward is a skill that shapes greatness.
— Alyssa

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