#59 Adore Your menstrual cycle and be in flow with your life with claire baker

What if I told you that you could learn to love your period and even optimize your work flow according to it? For many women, adoring their period sounds ridiculous as it's been a source of pain, annoyance or inconvenience, but in this episode, we attempt to demystify our cycle and address listener questions about birth control effects on the body and cramps. Do we need a period? Are cramps normal? What happens to your body on birth control? 

Working with Claire's zone of genius, we also talk in depth about how to align your life and work with the natural rhythms of the 4 phases of your cycle which Claire brilliantly relates to the 4 seasons. She even gives us a tip on what time of the month we are the most sensitive to technology! This episode will make you look at your period in a different, more uplifting way and hopefully garner a sense of pride in the miracle of your feminine body!

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  • Women's lack of menstrual cycle education
  • The 4 phases of your cycle explained
  • Your cycle on birth control 
  • Birth control and getting off of it
  • Practicing patience with your body
  • Why we biologically don't get our period when we're overly stressed  
  • Cramps-why and what's normal 
  • The 4 seasons analogy 
  • How to optimize your life and business with the 4 phases of your cycle 
  • When to avoid technology during your cycle 


  • If Women Rose Rooted book

  • Authentic Sex podcast

More about Claire:

Claire Baker is an Australian women’s coach and writer based in London. Through her popular blog, eBooks, online courses and live workshops, Claire teaches self-care, creative rekindling, how to live life aligned with your menstrual cycle and being kind to yourself and the world. Claire believes in less stress and more flow (and dark chocolate) and knows that working with our natural rhythms is ‘the missing key’ when it comes to women’s wellness.

Where to find Claire:

Menstruation= Winter=New/Dark Moon

Follicular= Inner Spring=Waxing Moon

Ovulation= Summer=Full Moon

Luteal=Inner Autumn=Waning Moon



Instead of think on it, “Bleed on it” during your inner winter i.e. your menstruation, and then begin to use that clarity to take action steps during your inner spring, the follicular phase.
— Claire Baker