#57 making your soul's art: creativity, connection, & collaboration vs. competition WITH JESSIca young

The creative process is messy and beautiful, and after months of keeping our brand new product a secret, I am so excited to finally share with you our Companion Journal with cover art by today's guest, Jessica Young Intuitive Art! Aside from spilling all the details on the new product which releases May 25th for pre-orders until June 8th, I loved this raw conversation with Jessica on everything from mental health (she's a psycho therapist) to boundary practices, soulful side hustling (so you don't go crazy), art as self care, digital detoxing in a world that craves connection, and collaboration over competition, especially in the creative space. There is more than enough room at the table for your ideas too.

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JD Companion Journal + Goddess Edition Deck 2!

  • Successful side hustling
  • The importance of your Why
  • The validation trap of money and followers 
  • “The Dip” and giving up too quickly
  • Her boundary practices as a therapist 
  • Art as intuitive self care
  • Not having it all together, all the time 
  • Sharing vs. Over-sharing 
  • Our thirst for connection in a digital era
  • Jess’s 24 hour detox
  • How our new Journal came to be
  • Collaboration vs. Competition 
  • Scarcity Mindset vs. Abundance Mindset

More about Jessica:

Psychotherapist by day, intuitive artist Jessica Young channels her daily insights in mental health and healing into works of art that express the inner workings of the human psyche. Using a combination of Alcohol Inks, Fluid Acrylic paints, Gemstones, Swarovski crystals and Gold leaf, her intuition guides her to which materials to combine. Jessica works to create one of a kind pieces that are sure to not only capture your eye but also your mind.

Where to find Jessica: