#54 Palm ReadingS: Discover yourself in the palm of your hands

Have you ever wondered what career you're supposed to be in? Or maybe you've wondered why you keep hitting up against the same challenges? Or will you find love? Palm reading has been around for thousands of years, and Readers believe that the keys to who you really are lie in your palms and fingerprints. Mystical modalities are all the rage these days, and for good reason, but palm reading isn't something that I knew much about, and I was excited to sit down with my first palm and fingerprint reader, Helene, who used me as a "hands on" example so YOU can better understand what lies in your hands!

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Radiance Retreat 2018 is now OPEN! Find your Light August 31-Sept. 3rd in the woods of Ohiopyle, PA!      $580-$620 (all inclusive)

Radiance Retreat 2018 is now OPEN! Find your Light August 31-Sept. 3rd in the woods of Ohiopyle, PA!  

$580-$620 (all inclusive)

  • Palm readings and what they can tell us about our best career, love, strengths, & challenges
  • The methodology and history behind palm readings
  • Personality profiling and validation through your palm lines
  • The energy of your hands 
  • The elemental shape of your hand 
  • Your dominant mounts 
  • What your thumb tells you about yourself and your top three chakras
  • Head, heart, and life lines 
  • Knowing your Inner and outer self based on the hands 
  • Heart line defects 
  • The Life Print System of fingerprints readings
  • The mystery around why we have fingerprints 
  • Learning what you’re here to “master” or overcome in this life

More about Helene

My sample palm reading handout

My sample palm reading handout

Handful of Stars is Helene Saucedo, a student palm reader and hand analyst. She provides insight and perspective to her clients by decoding the messages held right on the palm of their hands through traditional palmistry methods and fingerprint translation. Her goal is to bring forth awareness and validation through connection and conversation, and to help one realize their own potential, as well as get an overall personality profile on life, love and fate. 

In person one-on-one or joint readings are offered in a magically renovated vintage camper located in Atlanta, GA. Remote readings can be scheduled through through her website at handfulofstars.com. She can also be found at Modern Mystic inside Ponce City Market (ATL) on Saturdays. Please visit their event page here to book in advance.  


Where to find + book Helene: