#49 light drains and what it really means to "be the light"

What does it mean to "be the light?" We whip that phrase around so much these days that I feel like Yogi Bhajan's words "travel light, live light, spread light, be the light" has perhaps gotten lost in its meaning. 

I'm not saying that I know exactly what he meant, but if I had to guess, he means something similar to what Rebecca Campbell pointed to in her book, "Light Is the New Black," which stopped me in my tracks. You cannot be someone else's light. You can only be your own and inspire others to find theirs. Being the Light, isn't giving up your Light. 

Have you ever met someone who seemed like they were turned on to something that you weren't? That's their Light, and you have your own too. It's your soul purpose to be that Light.

So I ask you, are you being the Light or an outlet? And if you're being an outlet and getting drained, what do you do about it? And why do you need to be the Light more than ever? All this and more, including a journal promo takeaway and affirmation in this week's episode.

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Radiance Retreat 2018 is now OPEN! Find your Light August 31-Sept. 3rd in the woods of Ohiopyle, PA!      $580-$620 (all inclusive)

Radiance Retreat 2018 is now OPEN! Find your Light August 31-Sept. 3rd in the woods of Ohiopyle, PA!  

$580-$620 (all inclusive)

  • Being the light, doesn't mean giving away your Light
  • Your Life's Purpose (yup!)
  • Social Media, walking away, and why you need to be the Light more than ever
  • The difference between being a Light or an Outlet 
  • Light Leechers 
  • Inspiring others to find their Light
  • Living a turned-on life
  • What you're really seeing in the people you admire


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With personal experience in breaking the norm and walking away from a 9-5 future, and first-hand experience in the healing power of self care and self love after major life challenges, Alyssa is able to guide others in living their best life full of trust, grace, flow, clarity, and abundance. 

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