#48 Calling bullsh*t: INSTAGRAM YOGA, yoga injuries, AND KEEPING IT REAL on + off the mat WITH STEPHANIE BIRCH

I have been wanting to have this conversation on the podcast for a while now, and I was waiting for the right person to have it with. When I saw Steph Birch aka @stephynow post about her hamstring yoga injury, I knew that I HAD to reach out and see if she would be interested in having a candid conversation about the taboo topic of yoga injuries, the shadow side of yoga on Instagram, having a healthy practice, and just overall keeping it real and authentic in an online world. She was game, and I'm stoked to share this episode on being more mindful on and off the mat.

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Love to write? Want to start journaling? Snag our card deck filled with 52 mindful journal prompts- SHOP NOW!

  • Yoga on Instagram and why she's over it
  • How her Instagram has changed and losing 10k + followers
  • Comparison and Picture Perfect yoga poses on Social Media 
  • Staying authentic and being mindful on and off the mat
  • The Yoga Injuries that changed her practice and mindset 
  • Why yoga injury is so taboo 
  • Yoga props and self care techniques for a mindful practice and healthy body
  • Tailoring YOUR yoga practice and being a life-long student of your body
  • No longer being neutral on some topics 
  • Boundaries 

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In her everyday life, she's a play-at-home mama, yoga teacher, life photographer, writer, artist, Tahoe-lover, a sucker for dark chocolate, dark beer, and a life well-lived. You can find Steph on her mat teaching with a wide-open heart in Sacramento, CA and online at www.oneOeight.com.


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