#47 MEDITATION: on bending time, your brain, and self worth WITH DR. NIKKI STARR

We are all told that meditation is good for us, but yet many of us feel intimidated, don't know where to start, think we are doing it wrong, or can't stay committed. So why IS meditation really so good for us both mystically and scientifically? How does it impact our relationship with time? And what does it have to do with self worth?

Hear more on this week's episode from guest expert, Dr. Nikki Starr who comes from a medical background and yet has also taken not one but two silence meditation retreats that's helped her teach people around the world how to embrace meditation and live from their Alpha brain waves!

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March new enrollments NOW OPEN! March 5-11th

March new enrollments NOW OPEN! March 5-11th

  • 2 meditation benefits you HAVEN'T thought of
  • How does meditation bend time?
  • What's happening scientifically to the brain in meditation?
  • Living from your Alpha brain waves, what that means, and how to get there
  • Keeping calm in the chaos
  • The top reasons people hesitate or stop meditating 
  • Tips to stick with your meditation 
  • Her go-to meditation for beginners
  • What self care means to Nikki

Learn about Dr. Nikki Starr

Dr. Nikki Starr Noce, aka Dr. Love, is an MD now transformational coach, entrepreneur and conscious living influencer. After completing medical school, she realized the ultimate prescriptions for a healthy, happy life are self care, healthy eating and love. After traveling the world and appearing on the FOX reality show Utopia, where they named her Dr. Love, she dedicates her work to elevating love and consciousness on the planet through her social media, blogs, retreats, workshops and online coaching programs and courses. 

As a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, she is currently hosting an online meditation program that teaches people over 9 types of meditation to enhance every aspect of life. Contact nikkistarr@drnikkistarr.com for a special late sign up discount for SCS listeners! All session are recorded so you haven’t missed a thing.


  • 5 rhythms dance classes 

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