#40 aura photography: energy speaks louder than words with eileen lee

Have you ever met someone and immediately clicked with them OR maybe you couldn't put your finger on why you didn't like them? Usually I chalk this up to their energy, or the vibes they were giving off. Well I had the opportunity to have my aura photographed by Eileen, and it was such a cool, eye-opening experience! 

In this week's interview, I lovingly grill Eileen on all of my burning questions about auras, energy, and what we can learn from them. We also use my aura photo as a gunia pig to give you an overview of what she does and how it works. 

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My aura photograph!

My aura photograph!

Join for just $15 a month! Click for all the offerings.

Join for just $15 a month! Click for all the offerings.


  • What is an aura?
  • Similarities in auras based on cities 
  • How she got into aura photography and how it works
  • Her BIG mission behind aura photography
  • Her most memorable reading
  • The different shapes, colors, and densities of auras and what they mean
  • How stress affects your aura
  • Does any part stay the same?
  • Auras as an analogy for being in the moment


Learn about Eileen

Eileen Lee is a multi-disciplinary creative based in Detroit, MI. She's the founder of aura portrait studio, AURA AURA, and co-founder of Grey Area, an experiential gallery & retail space in Southwest Detroit. After nearly a decade out west in California, Eileen returned home to the Michigan in 2016 seeking to bring an awareness of energy and universal oneness to the Midwest, and beyond.

Where to find AURA AURA: