#39 THE ONE THING STRATEGY and the myth of balance and multi-tasking

With JD Founder, Alyssa--You know when a book just speaks right to your soul? When it says everything that you need to hear? That's exactly what happened with the book The One Thing by Gary Keller, and on this week's podcast episode, I want to do a little faux book club share with how it's inspired me to rethink my strategy for an extraordinary 2018 and how YOU can too!

What does realistic "balance" look like and is multi-tasking a good thing? Does it make you smarter or more successful? I've already started implementing the practices of The One Thing, and I think this conversation is VASTLY needed for all women to hear in today's culture of "having it all." 

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  • The two books I recommend to discover your words and/or phrase for 2018
  • What is The One Thing Principle?
  • How to implement it into your day, week, month, and year for extraordinary living..
  • How it's changed my life
  • The balance fallacy and the multi-tasking lie
  • What is counterbalancing?


Learn about Alyssa

Alyssa is the founder of The Journal Deck oracle card deck, The Self Care Spotlight Podcast, and the Self Care Collective online membership. She is a yoga + meditation teacher who believes that self care has the ability to change the world, and she is on a mission to help others live in alignment with their Truth. 

With personal experience in breaking the norm and walking away from a 9-5 future, and first-hand experience in the healing power of self care and self love after major life challenges, Alyssa is able to guide others in living their best life full of trust, grace, flow, clarity, and abundance. 

She also runs yoga retreats, teaches full time, and is very active in her local wellness community in Pittsburgh, PA. 

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