#32 The Secret Sauce:  Gratitude, American culture & A guided meditation

A Thanksgiving holiday episode

With JD Founder, Alyssa-- You've probably heard the saying, "It is not happy people who are grateful, it is grateful people who are happy," and maybe you have pondered it or maybe it was just a passing thought, but for me, this is one of those quotes that just rings so much truth and wisdom, and yet in the USA, I can't help but feel like we've got Thanksgiving wrong in several ways, which I explain in today's episode.

I also talk about gratitude as one of the modalities that helped me heal during the hardest point in my life. When I was so sick of being sad, I decided to be grateful instead. And then I found happiness. I'll share my unique gratitude practice, and at the end you'll get a 7 MINUTE GUIDED MEDITATION! (around 19:37)

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  • Gratitude breeds happiness
  • Thanksgiving as a metaphor for American culture 
  • How gratitude helped me heal
  • Gratitude Rants 
  • A 7 minute guided gratitude meditation 

Learn about Alyssa:

Alyssa is the founder of The Journal Deck and a yoga + meditation teacher who believes that self care has the ability to change the world, and she is on a mission to help others live in alignment with their Truth. 

With personal experience in breaking the norm and walking away from a 9-5 future, and first-hand experience in the healing power of self care and self love after major life challenges, Alyssa is able to guide others in living their best life full of trust, grace, flow, clarity, and abundance. 

She runs yoga retreats, teaches full time, and is very active in her local wellness community in Pittsburgh, PA. Her most recent passion project is The Journal Deck, a fusion of oracle cards meets journal prompts for self care, clarity, and personal growth. She believes in the power of writing it out to clear it out.

Where to find Alyssa: