#30 living with your ghosts & a lesson in witches


With @spiritsandsawdust-- Lauren, who has been a practicing witch for 20 years, offers practical magic for living with ghosts of all kinds, whether it's the spirit ghost giving you the creeps in your own home, your ex-boyfriend who you cannot seem to rid yourself of, or a block in your business. From magical herbalism to tarot and channeling, she offers her clients FREEDOM and EMPOWERMENT in their lives, homes, and businesses to clear negative energy and manifest the life they desire!

If you are anything like me, the woo woo world and witchcraft especially isn't something you grew up with or started exploring until the more recent years. Today's episode schooled me in what is witch, wiccan, and paganism, and I was fascinated with Lauren's expertise and offerings! +2 Simple spells/rituals for clearing or manifesting

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  • How she got into spirit work (it's a GREAT ghost story!) 
  • How we are ALL living with ghosts (the spirit kind and the ex-boyfriend kind)
  • How she helps people clear their "ghosts"
  • What's the difference between wicca, paganism, and being a witch?
  • Her thoughts on this new acceptance of "witches" or being witchy
  • Who is a "witch" and what is "magic?"
  • Why intuition is self care 

+2 Simple spells/rituals for clearing or manifesting that everyone can do!

  • HERE'S THE RITUAL BREAKDOWN: Be sure to listen for complete how-to
  1. Waning Moon- time to clear, move counterclockwise while moving energy
  2. New Moon & Waxing Moon- time to manifest, move clockwise while moving energy
  3. Full Moon- time to sit in gratitude for all that has come to be


Learn about Lauren @spiritsandsawdust:

Lauren spent two decades studying a variety of healing arts, including magical herbalism, Usui Reiki, intuitive tarot, divination, channeling, and mediumship. She completed an apprenticeship with Sage Maurer at the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education in 2002, received her Reiki Master training from Danielle Stimpson at Learn Reiki Philadelphia in 2012, and she is currently in deep mentorship with intuitive healer Lindsay Mack, founder of Wild Soul Healing.

She offers practical magic for living with ghosts of all sorts. Want to clear your apartment of your ex-boyfriend’s drama? Want to manifest peace and joy in your new baby’s nursery? Want to set an intention for abundance and flow at your new business? And yes, if you’re experiencing sleepless nights in your very own haunted house, she can absolutely help with that, too.

Where to find Lauren: