#29 update: signs continued

This weekend I saw a dead butterfly while walking on the beach with my boyfriend at sunrise AND I wasn’t sad…let me explain! 

On this week’s podcast, I riff on the idea of what happens when you see a sign that is unsettling, isn't what you want to hear, or signifies that you have to do something really hard. Listen in to hear my perspective on what this beautiful dead butterfly meant to me and why I saw it as a good thing, not a bad omen. 


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  • Supportive partnerships
  • Why perspective is everything
  • Why I viewed this death as a good, not bad sign
  • How to deal with a scary or upsetting sign
  • On accepting and trusting new chapters, life shifts, and the on going process of deaths/births throughout your life

 + Journal Prompt: Reflect back over your life or even just this year (zoom far out or in) and pin point the different chapters. The transition points. The metamorphoses. The deaths. The births. The points where you knew something had changed, or where you had changed. A shift. Journal about the chapters and what each end and beginning taught you, meant to you, or what it signified.

Maybe there were even signs and symbols within the shifts. What were they and what do they mean to you?


A picture of the sunrise from that morning.

A picture of the sunrise from that morning.

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