#28 october astrological energy 

With Bianca Filoteo-- What's the overriding themes of October astrologically and energetically speaking? Bianca is back for our new monthly astro forecasts to clue you in on the energy happening and how this may be reflected in YOUR life, what you can learn from it, and how to flow with it. After all, even though our sun sign might not be in Scorpio or Libra, we each have these Signs somewhere in our charts...

Which brings me to the fact that she not only clues us in on the duality of this month's energy, but she is also breaking down how to read your astro birth chart with my stars in Scorpio as an example. BONUS HOW TO WORKSHEET BELOW!

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  • Libra & Scorpio energetic qualities 
  • Shadow side of each Sign
  • On dualities/the paradoxes of humanness 
  • How to read astro birth charts
  • Scorpio and the Divine Feminine
  • Jupiter moved into Scorpio: what that means for you 

+ BONUS WORKSHEET-- Birth Charts & October Energy Questions (YOU SERIOUSLY WANT THIS ONE!!)

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Learn about Bianca:

After being told by doctors that her rare skin dis-ease was incurable and that medication would be used for the rest of her life, Bianca Filoteo decided to take matters with her own hands and discovered the true meaning of health along the way. She left her career as a film & television actress and is now a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and intuitive astrologer, where she blends her passions for wellness and astrology by empowering others to transform their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

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