#27 The unsugar & living a pure life 

With Blume Honey Water CEO-- Michele Burchfield started out in the craft beer industry in the original sales team of Sam Adams, and after 20 years of a thriving career in several beverage companies, she started Blume Honey Water in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. That was 15 months ago, and Blume has taken Western PA by storm and is now expanding rapidly into local health grocers near YOU! 

Michele shares her fascinating journey from beer to honey and how talking to a boys wrestling coach inspired her to create nutritious and delicious, natural hydration for adults and children. We talk a lot about why honey is different from other sugars (I was wondering the same thing), and she shares some funny stories from when starting the business, like when they had to juice 550 pounds of organic ginger unexpectedly!! Tune in for some  inspiration on what it means to live life in full blume and the joys/challenges of building a company. 

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  • How she started at Sam Adams beer in the 80’s
  • How a boy’s wrestling team inspired her
  • The history and health benefits of honey 
  • The Unsugar: how how honey is processed differently in the body
  • The challenges + humor of starting a business 
  • Her journey from “burn the calories” to “fuel your body”
  • Society’s evolution from Gatorade to pure hydration
Enjoying our sponsor Blume at my 2017 annual Yoga + Meditation Retreat!

Enjoying our sponsor Blume at my 2017 annual Yoga + Meditation Retreat!


Learn about Michele:

Michele is the CEO and Co-founder of Blume Honey Water. With over 20 years in the beverage industry, including time spent working with household names like Sam Adams and Fiji Water, Michele and her business partner started Blume Honey Water in 2016 with a commitment to natural and elegant energy hydration in our mutual hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

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