#23 understanding moon signs and why we look to the stars

Most of us know our horoscope, or our Sun sign, but many of us, me included until recently, are not aware of our Moon sign. What is it? What does it mean? How does it inform your personality, emotional state, and self care?

It seems like everyone is obsessed with the feminine Moon these days, and by knowing your time of birth, birth day, and location, you can discover your Moon Sign. This week we dive deep and break down how you can best practice self care, health, and fitness based on whether your Moon is a water, fire, earth, or air element sign! This is a seriously juicy conversation filled with so many interesting bits. Journals out for notes!

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  • Moon Signs vs. Sun Signs vs. Rising Signs
  • Self care based on your Moon Sign/element
  • How a health scare led to astrology 
  • Why Bianca walked away from acting for nutrition and astrology
  • Why Astrology isn't "predicting the future"
  • Her beautiful journaling practice with the Moon

  • Discover your Moon Sign! 
  • Bianca's guest JD blog post on the Solar Eclipse's meaning
  • Apps for Moon Phase Tracking: Deluxe Moon or Full Moon 
  • Websites for Moon Sign Tracking: astro.com under "Current Planets" or Lunar Living.
  • The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte
  • Adore Your Cycle e-book
  • Apps for Period Tracking: Clue or Eve

Learn about Bianca:

After being told by doctors that her rare skin dis-ease was incurable and that medication would be used for the rest of her life, Bianca Filoteo decided to take matters with her own hands and discovered the true meaning of health along the way. She left her career as a film & television actress and is now a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and intuitive astrologer, where she blends her passions for wellness and astrology by empowering others to transform their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

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