#20 What is Grace and the Solar Eclipse with Alyssa Kuzins

How do you define Grace? What does it mean to you? Do you know what it means? After talking to other women about this subject and after discussing it on my recent yoga retreat, I realized that many people don't understand what Grace actually means. It seems like it's this esoteric concept of the past that I've only recently come to understand better after breaking off an engagement.

So this week I jam on one of my favorite words, Grace, and how it relates to this week's special Solar Eclipse! 

please note: it may take a moment for the mp3 to begin playing


  • What is Grace?
  • What does it look and feel like?
  • What this Solar Eclipse means for us all
  • Water as a metaphor for feminine energy
  • What is feminine versus masculine energy?
  • The world's state and feminine energy rising
  • Softness and Fierceness as one.  


Learn about Alyssa:

Alyssa is the founder of The Journal Deck and a yoga + meditation teacher who believes that self care has the ability to change the world, and she is on a mission to help others live in alignment with their Truth. 

With personal experience in breaking the norm and walking away from a 9-5 future, and first-hand experience in the healing power of self care and self love after major life challenges, Alyssa is able to guide others in living their best life full of trust, grace, flow, clarity, and abundance. 

She runs yoga retreats, teaches full time, and is very active in her local wellness community in Pittsburgh, PA. Her most recent passion project is The Journal Deck, a fusion of oracle cards meets journal prompts for self care, clarity, and personal growth. She believes in the power of writing it out to clear it out.

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