Every month in the SCC, I will choose one woman to sit down with me for a private 45 minute to max 1 hour coaching call. Drawing off my coaching experience, this call is meant to provide clarity, get unstuck, and feel heard. We will sit down over the phone at a time and day that works best for both of us (I am on EST), and we will talk over any life area of your choice. The conversation will end on a positive, similar note to an interview on our podcast with fun, rapid fire questions making you the star! 

Conversation will be recorded for you to keep and to be shared privately with the SCC group. 

Please fill out the application and know that you must be ready to meet and record the week of the 15th. If you know that you will not be able to make this happen, please apply another month when you know that you can to keep things fair.

I can't wait to read your responses and regardless of if you are chosen for this month, know that you are seen and heard and that just by typing this out, you are moving one step forward to healing and clarity. xx Alyssa

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A Yes response is required for approval.

*Chosen application will be notified via email and/or phone so we can plan to meet.