Have you ever heard of Yule? Not like "Yuletide Carols," but the actual celebration of Yule? Turns out, there is a lot of wisdom in this holiday...

A Pagan celebration of light, Yule begins on the Winter Solstice, December 21st, and lasts through January 1st, with the last night of celebration being Dec. 31st. It is a time of honoring the dark and celebrating the light that is to come, as each day after the winter solstice, the sun climbs a little higher. 

{I go in depth about Yule in this week's podcast episode!}

As I continue down my spiritual journey, I find that SO many of our modern day holiday practices stem from pre-Christian, Pagan traditions, and Christmas is no different with its ties to Yule. It is really quite fascinating! This is by NO means a religious conversation, but more or less about how we can be more intentional in our lives and in how we celebrateespecially at a time of year when people tend to feel overwhelmed, annoyed, anxious, or depressed. They don't call it a blue christmas and winter blues for no reason...

I invite you to rediscover the spirit of this magical time of year (and my fav time of year) by honoring the wisdom in the dark and celebrating the light that is to come with Yule.

Here's a craft and some journal prompts to do just that!

  1. Make your your own Yule Log
    • What you need-- get creative with this! 
    1. A small wood log (oak, pine, etc.)
    2. Tree branches (evergreen, ivy, redwood, eucalyptus, etc)
    3. Holly (be mindful mistletoe is harmful to pets!)
    4. pinecones 
    5. cinnamon
    6. 3-4 taper candles
    7. hot glue gun
    8. drill (to drill holes for candles)
    • Light your Yule log on December 21, the 1st day of the Winter Solstice, and light it every day until January 1st to celebrate the light and Yule!
  2. Journal Prompt ideas
    • Amp up the magic and journal right by your Yule Log!
    1. What can I do to honor the light in my (mind, body, or spirit) today?
    2. What am I learning or healing from in the darkness of Winter this year? 
    3. What does my heart truly desire for 2018?