If you’re in the woo space, then you certainly have heard of the Goddess aka Shakti, Divine Feminine, Kundalini Rising, Mata Shakti, etc. She comes in various forms and names, but for our purposes today, I’m most interested in why we are so intrigued by this divine entity. 

Why do we love “Goddess” so much?

We see Her name blasted on t-shirts, coffee cups, as the subject of best-selling books,  and in hashtags. Heck, She was even the fan voted theme of our new Goddess Edition Journal Deck! So what’s the obsession about? And why do we feel so called to Her right now?

I think there is one very clear answer that sticks out in my mind. We love the Goddess because She represents a part of us that we are spiritually aware of even if we are unaware of it on the surface level. She embodies a part of us that has been pushed down for centuries in exchange for Patriarchy to rule over the Mother. But something in our bones tells us that She is there residing within us, waiting to be tapped again. Waiting to Rise within each of us and take Her place.

Looking back into ancient history we can see the Goddess taking center stage in the hearts and daily life of societies, such as the gentle Minoans: “Europe’s mother goddess culture grew to its climax on the Mediterranean island of Crete in the second millennium BC.”  (independent.co.uk

Now I’m not writing this to hate on men or say that Matriarchy should rule over Patriarchy, but just as Rebecca Campbell alludes to in Rise Sister Rise, “the future is female” is not about women rising over men, but rather matriarchal values and women rising to take their rightful place next to the Divine Masculine so that both may be equal players in society as a whole. We need both energetic qualities to thrive as humans and as a greater society. 

We need to take action AND surrender. 

We need to do AND be. 

We need to leap AND trust. 

We need to be strong AND soft.

We need to be practical AND intuitive.

We need to be self-serving AND compassionate. 

Leading from the masculine has gotten us into a mess right here in the United States with Donald Trump being elected President and fear leading over love. It has also gotten Western women to the point that they are leading from their Yang masculine energy and have all but forgotten how to embrace their Yin feminine energy. 

And that’s why we love the Goddess! 

Because we know deep down that tapping into Her is the only way to embrace our fullness and wholeness in this human life and is the only way for society to do the same. Otherwise we will always be off balance and end up burnt out and building walls.

So we pull tarot cards, we wear flower crowns, we go to sister circles, we dance around fires, we go to festivals, we wear mala beads, we stuff crystals in our bras, we align our chakras, we do all the things to channel the Goddess and touch Her once again. To feel feel Her presence in our cells and remember our innate divinity. And like anything, we can go overboard with the woo, so here’s a simple tip that requires nothing but an open mind: 

I invite you to vigorously rub your hands together right at your heart space for about 45 seconds. Then gently stop and peel your hands a part just slightly, no more than 1/2 an inch. Can you feel that? Maybe it’s a little buzz, tingles, or heat between your hands. That’s your divinity. That’s your Goddess. 

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