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Why We Love the Goddess

If you’re in the woo space, then you certainly have heard of the Goddess aka Shakti, Divine Feminine, Kundalini Rising, Mata Shakti, etc. She comes in various forms and names, but for our purposes today, I’m most interested in why we are so intrigued by this divine entity. 

Why do we love “Goddess” so much and all of a sudden? READ ON…

Are the people around you "asleep?"

Are the people around you "asleep?"

When you read this at first glance, maybe you are thinking actual sleeping, but I'm really referring to how consciously, mindfully, and intentionally the people around you are living their life. Why should you care? Because their sleepiness can directly effects you. Find out why, what to do about it, and a new sacred group we just started. Read On... 

Recommended journal prompt included!