Ostara was a Germanic Goddess and is another name for Spring; the time of fertility and possibility and light balancing with dark. Every day after today, the Light stays a little longer than the Dark moving towards the Summer Solstice. I LOVE working with these nature metaphors in our lives, and honestly did not plan to talk about Light on the podcast today, but it just so happened that I did! Divine timing, eh? Must have been my intuition at work. 


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Spring has roots in a lot of ancient traditional symbols like the egg and bunnies to represent fertility, growth, and rebirth. Spring's caress calms winter to cease so life can BLOOM again. 

So today, on this Spring Equinox, I invite you to get on your mat, or if you're in a warm place unlike me here in snowy Pittsburgh (ugh!), get outside and journal on the following prompt. 

JOURNAL PROMPT FOR SPRING EQUINOX: What thoughts, behaviors, situations, or people am I leaving with me in the winter months and choosing to NOT take with me into Spring so that I may have a fresh start and plant the seeds for what I desire. What are those seeds?

Maybe buy yourself some flowers or tend to the plants in your home already. Whatever you do, keep it Light.