What does the Solar Eclipse 2017 mean for you and us all?

BY: BIANCA FILOTEO, guest blogger


At 2:30pm EST on August 21, 2017, we have a Total Solar Eclipse coincide with the New Moon in Leo. This has been such a highly anticipated celestial event, so you’re probably wondering… what could this mean for me? What could this mean for others?

Let’s start with the New Moon...

New Moons are all about setting intentions and starting something new. Consider it as your monthly fresh start or reset button (there’s usually one New Moon per month, or every 28 days or so).

Each New Moon has a 6-month cycle, which means that the seeds you plant now can manifest by or around January 31, 2018 - the Leo Super Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse. So make sure you set powerful intentions over the next few days!

The New Moon isn’t visible to us in the sky compared to the brightness of a Full Moon. So the energy is more “dark” and more yin (while the Full Moon’s energy is yang).

This is a great time to set powerful intentions and start “planting the seeds” of what we’d like to reap. However, it’s not the best time to hustle - ideally, you’ll want to reflect and meditate for the next day or two on how you would like to move forward with the intentions you’ve set.

While you won’t feel very energized during the New Moon, don’t worry - as we move towards the Full Moon, we do feel our energy start to increase as we start taking action towards manifesting the goals we set during the New Moon.

So now let’s throw in the Solar Eclipse…

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon temporarily blocks the light of the Sun.

Astrologically speaking, the Sun represents our personalities and our ego, while the Moon represents our emotional nature (our deepest desires and feelings). The Sun is the masculine, yang energy (“doing”) while the Moon is the feminine, yin energy (“being”).

This Solar Eclipse, in a way, represents a time where our feminine energy (the Moon) and our masculine energy (the Sun) are both on the spotlight. That’s A LOT of energy to handle all at once!

For a brief moment, we are not just being led by our consciousness (Sun), we’re also being led by our unconsciousness (the Moon).

You may feel torn between what’s logical & rational and what your intuition and inner self is whispering to you.

You may feel torn between hustling your butt off to get to your goal (doing whatever it takes) and taking your time and letting your intuition and creativity lead you to opportunities.

You may find yourself a lot more emotional around this time as you find the darker parts within you rise to the surface, becoming more visible.

If/when this happens, honor these emotions - they are asking for your attention and they could give you clues to which areas in your life need a reset or a fresh start.

And this is why the Solar Eclipse represents a rapid, radical shift in energy. When a solar eclipse happens, take it as a sign that change is headed your way and there’s no stopping it. Think of this shift as something that needs to happen so that it helps you jump to where you need to be in your life.

This is also a time you may find a rapid change in your beliefs and mindset.

It’s an introspective time and you may find yourself realizing that it’s time to let go of something that hasn’t been serving your highest good. This Solar Eclipse can bring to light all the baggage you’ve been lugging around for far too long or to anything you’ve repressed, pushed away or kept hidden.

Collectively, we are seeing our society’s unconsciousness brought to light. One example of this are the current events and affairs happening in the political arena. Issues that have been neglected, silenced or suppressed are now in the spotlight.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse happens to be in the zodiac sign of Leo - a sign that symbolizes courage, creativity and passion. Leo is also the sign of leadership and the body part it rules is the heart.

On a collective level, we are being asked to speak up and stand up for love. We are being asked to dig deep and find our personal power and courage at this time. If we want things to change, it starts with us.

On a personal level, what area in your life do you need to take a stand? This eclipse pushes you to find the leader within you and take charge! Leo is a sign of self-expression so now is the time to express how you really feel and don’t hold back.

The best way to heal always comes from the heart, so let yours take the lead.

SOLAR ECLIPSE JOURNAL PROMPTS: What can I no longer keep hidden in the dark? What seeds do I want to plant for the next 6 months? How can I embrace my feminine side and lead from a soft, yet fierce love? 

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Bianca is a transformational nutrition coach who has a side hustle for astrology and all things holistic living. Follow her for more!