On January 31, 2018 we have a Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo that is full of SO many different elements! It is a Super Blood Blue Moon. But what does that even mean? I've got a 12 min video for you today to explain! 

A Super Moon is when the Moon is closest to the Earth making it appear larger.

A Blood Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse, in which the Earth goes in between the Moon and the Sun, casting a shadow, sometimes red, on the Moon.  

A Blue Moon is the 2nd of two full moons in one month. 

With this Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo, you can step into your inner Queen of the Jungle and lead your life with confidence and pride! This Eclipse is also uniquely tied to the feminine on two sides with Venus and the Moon in opposition.

Want more deets? Get an insider's look at my 12 min video that I made for the Self Care Collective which describes this Eclipse! 

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