I never had any intention for this Self Care Spotlight Podcast to continue on after the pre-order campaign was finished...

BUT I ended up loving it SO much and you guys gave SUCH amazing feedback, like this:

"Your format is excellent. Your podcast allows the guest to tell their personal story and how they deal with their personal stuff. Not cliche's or broad generalizations, but a very personal look at someone. It really touched me and I will continue to share it."- Joe Y.

"Ever since finding your podcast I really feel a shift in my mood and my mindset because although you're not physically here talking to me, listening to the conversations really makes me feel like I am just hanging out with a couple girlfriends!"- J. Sully

"Your posts and podcasts have helped me to believe more in myself and my mission and I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration!"- Casey S.

"You are right up there with Rebecca Campbell in my book!" - Emily T.

How could I walk away?

So what's it about? The format is simple. Rooted in the Journal Deck's core values, The podcast is primarily comprised of interviews with badass women all doing their best to practice self care and live their Truth. With topics from holistic health, money, relationships, mindset, fitness, spirituality, career, motherhood, and more, the SCS seeks to inspire and educate you on real-life self care practices and tips, while raising you up to live your best life!


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