You know the saying, "Hustle and Grind," right? At least that's what society tells us is the normal or accepted version of success. But what if it wasn't? What if actually that mentality was just burning us wayyyy out and not really helping us be more "successful" in the long run? And what if our idea of success was EVOLVING?

Well, it is! We are realizing that success isn't driven by how hard and long you can grind it out. At least not anymore. Let's be honest, the days of doing really gritty, labor intensive work is just not what most of us do these days in our day to day. Sure, back in the day our grandfathers slaved away in the coal mines and maybe our grandmothers worked in a laborious factory, but those hard times, for the most part, have since past, and while the world is still a challenging/scary place no doubt about it, we also can't say with sincerity that our jobs typically require the type of grueling work that our ancestors used to partake in. Yet the "grind it out" attitude remains...

In my weekly Self Care Spotlight conversation with #1 voted personal trainer, Vanessa Checcio, we talk about "hustle and shine," rather than "hustle and grind," and I really do believe that how we use the word hustle needs to evolve with the times and for our own sanity, and thankfully I believe that it slowly IS being replaced with a new connotation more focused on self care. It's not about being lazy or not working hard, but rather doing so with heart, hustling with heart, as I call it. Even better if you love what you do, but no matter what, always taking care of yourself even while deep in the hustle. 

Essentially, with Millenial attitude's and the public's awareness of our overworked lives, self care is starting to become deeply rooted in the hustling game; thus replacing notions of grit all day, every day. Can I get an amen?! #hustlewithheart 

Check out Vanessa's laugh-out-loud interview here + get her FREE printable workout log to get you a booty that looks good "in dem jeans."  (Yes, we even talk about the "yoga bum" in the interview)