An excerpt from Knepper Press: “We have reduced the use of harsh chemicals and replaced them with environmentally friendly green products, such as vegetable-based inks, press wash, fountain solutions, a state of the art recycling program and more.”
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From the start, it was very important to me to

1) Choose a printer that was local.

2) Choose a printer that upheld environmental standards

For me, that was Knepper Press right outside of Pittsburgh. This wasn’t necessarily the cheapest ideal to have, but I was committed from the beginning to NOT back down on what I envisioned for this paper-based product.

And our packaging? Our cute, travel-friendly pouches are also made in the USA, and you won't find any extra fluff in our packaging; meaning you won't find any extra tissue paper in your shipping envelope just for the sake of looking pretty. We ship what's necessary AND what makes for a quality experience. That's it! Nothing more, nothing less. 

Could we do even better in the future? Probably, and I would love to incorporate more Earth givebacks in the future to nonprofits, but I’m proud of how we started with integrity, and I plan to continue forward with the same practices in the next Deck Volume 2, the JD Goddess Edition, coming soon!! 🌳