Bonus Balance Exercise Below!

I'll be honest, the word balance kind of bugs me sometimes. Not because I don't think it's a beautiful thing to aim for or because I don't think that it's totally necessary for a full, happy life. But my issue with the word comes into play with how we view balance.

It seems like we put balance on a pedestal. The self help world seems to shove the attainment of balance down our throats to the point that it feels like it's this unattainable, shiny prize that we always fall short of achieving. And I think this has to do with our views for what having a "balanced life" looks life...

But what if we rewrote our relationship to balance and instead of looking at as something of equal parts, we began to view it as a perfectly imperfect puzzle. Where all the puzzle pieces shift and change as YOU shift and change, but at the end of the day makes a complete puzzle, a complete, fulfilling life. So some pieces of the puzzle will be bigger than others at different points in your life....say building your career might be front and center for a while as family life takes a bit of a back seat until one day being a mom is of the utmost importance and your career feels more steady and needs less attention. It's all perfectly imperfect balance to your current life.

ON THE PODCAST: This week I jammed with fellow girlboss and my former boss, Nikki Aliseo, owner and head creator of JIVA ACTIVE apparel, about what balance means and looks like to her as a business owner, soon to be mom, and bride to be next month! LISTEN HERE.

So what does your balance puzzle look like to you right now? Which pieces are bigger, smaller, or about the same? Break it down into categories like the below wheel by rating each life area on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the biggest most important and 1 being the smallest least important currently (maybe some life areas feel equal right now too so they rate the same, while others feel pretty unimportant. Heads up, this exercise is also a wake up to some!)