So I won an award for Who’s Next in Pittsburgh Fitness NOT because of having a “yoga body,” or because I work out every day (I don’t), but because of the ACTIONS I have taken within the health community i.e. the Journal Deck, the Self Care Spotlight Podcast, and the JD Self Care Collective online membership.

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But while I’m honored to be chosen, I have to wonder, What’s Next in Fitness for ALL of us and does my award speak to a greater paradigm shift in fitness? 

Honestly, my award almost makes me laugh a bit! I mean, me? Fitness? Yes, I know I’m “in shape,” but never in a million years did that seem like it would be in the cards for me considering I never worked out until college and didn’t find yoga until graduating. 

And even now, I don’t think I’m your typical “fitness chick.” Dancing in my kitchen is totally a work out in my book, and I’m satisfied with 25 min of fitness activity. I work out the least amount of times a week than I have in the past 3 years, and I eat sweets every single day, at least a little nibble.😬 (and by the way, my fiancé thinks I look the best I ever have!) 

But you know what this award might mean for ALL of us? It might mean that there is a paradigm shift happening. That fitness or healthy living isn’t exclusive to the gym or counting calories. I think it means that sustainable SELF CARE is the new type of fitness and health; the kind that focuses on living YOUR best life, not hating your body, and not shoulding on yourself. It’s about feeling good, NOT looking good or perfect. It’s about eating the damn cookie AND drinking green smoothies. Binge watching The Handmaid’s Tale AND then heading out for a jog to move your body. Not because you should, but because you want to! 

And this new fitness is also about COMMUNITY. About feeling supported and understood by other people, not just competing with them or comparing yourself. I see this every day in the #jdtribe and the #jdselfcarecollective

More than anything, I've learned that fitness and living healthy is SO much more of an inside job than it is external. Just because you show up to a yoga class doesn’t guarantee you are a healthy person both in body, mind, or spirit. You gotta go inside too. I try to do this in my local and online classes, my workshops, and my retreats. Holistic.

Moral of the story? I might be Who's Next in Pittsburgh Fitness, but I'm far more interested in What's Next for everyone. I don't think I’m a fitness chick, but I do think that this award signifies a much needed shift within the fitness and yoga communities to live your best life according to YOU, to create sustainable habits that feel good, to find a tribe that supports you, and to take a much needed look inside yourself. That's self care. That's living your Truth. 


Are you shoulding on your fitness routine?

How has your idea of being fit shifted, and what does being "fit" mean to you?

In what ways does your body love to move and workout?