Organizing Your 2019 Monthly Oracle Card Reading {+ free worksheet}

Want some guidance and inspiration for the New Year ahead? Duh.


As we move into 2019 with this awkward space between this year and the next, it’s actually a wonderful time to bust out your favorite oracle/tarot cards and do your 2019 card reading spread. Not sure exactly how? No worries.

That’s why I’ve created a beautiful, printable how-to worksheet for you to organize your 2019 card pull spread that weaves journaling into the mix. And bonus? You’ve got two worksheet options! See below.

So why do a 2019 monthly reading? To be honest, it’s one of my favorite card readings to do, aside from daily pulls, because I truly feel that it helps provide some clarity as to where the year is going.

It’s like you’re sitting down with your team of angels and spirit guides for an intuitive coaching session.

My 2018 pulls were pretty on point, and I loved looking back every month to see what my pull was and then take it to my journal for some reflective journaling on how the card’s theme showed up for me that month or if I didn’t really feel it. And I think that’s an important point to make because as Rebecca Campbell states, “You are the oracle.” So much of what you pull and how you interpret it is up to you. You know you better than anyone.

And what if you pull a card and that month it just doesn’t align with what’s going on in your life? No worries, that happens. Why? I believe it’s because you have free will. Just because you pull something in late December/early January doesn’t mean that you can’t make a decision that will totally change your course in June. That’s called free will, and I’m a firm believer in walking the line between choice and meant to be. Call it a paradox, I call it life.

Here’s to a guided 2019.

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