"I'm not a teacher, I'm an awakener." -Robert Frost


During the summer of 2013 post college, I started practicing yoga for the first time at an Iyengar studio before switching to Vinyasa. I immediately fell in love with the practice and am that cliche "yoga changed my life" story. Later that year, I was enrolled in a Master's Program for Public History, but after only two months I couldn't shake the feeling that I was on the wrong path. I withdrew and declared that I would pursue a "yoga career" despite my entire family's concern and dismay. In hindsight, this was a huge shift in coming back to my Truth with a capital T, as I say. 

I had no clue what I was doing, but I was committed to figuring it out along the way. I took on part-time jobs and found work in social media within the yoga community, working for companies such as The Business of Yoga presented by Yoga Journal Magazine. It wasn't all pretty, including my gig at a local gym, but I was determined to follow my heart and keep learning. 

On my podcast I talk very openly about how in 2016 my now husband and I split after 10 years together to figure out who we were as sovereign individuals- it was another huge decision and awakening shift in my life that I couldn't ignore. 

Flash forward to 2018 with three retreats under my belt (something I said I could never do), countless classes taught, a thriving online membership, a podcast, physical products, clients and an adoring husband, I am ridiculously grateful for saying yes to my Truth, taking up s p a c e in my own life and Trusting in a higher power!



An innate bringer of Light and ever the multi-passionate entrepreneur, Alyssa is the creator behind the Making Space Mentorship and The Journal Deck. She is also the host of the 5 star rated podcast, the Self Care Spotlight, as well as an online yoga teacher based in Pittsburgh, PA where she teaches locally and leads retreats. She was recently featured in Whirl Magazine's 20's of 2018.

After burning herself out, Alyssa now leads women to embody spaciousness in their life, body, biz, and spirit and she’s a firm believer that self care can change the world by changing yours first.

Through her passion, offerings, and real-talk approach, she teaches modern women a different way of being— having more with less and taking care of YOU first. She helps women rewire their mindsets and make both self care and spaciousness a lifestyle. It’s about unabashedly living your most radiant, aligned life! Because when you take up space in your own life, you make room for your best life. 

Lover of dark chocolate, flowers, astrology, coffee, books, and traveling whenever she can.

As Seen On: The Daily Guru, Danielle Laporte.com, Whirl Magazine's 20's of 2018, Yoganonymous, Truth and Dare Podcast, Shine On With Kelly Radio, and The Ladies Dish Podcast.

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I’ve learned that life is all about paradoxes. Soft and Fierce. Light and Dark. Alignment and Action. Embrace all these parts of you and you will never be too much or not enough.
— Alyssa Kuzins